She made me feel so safe, so secure, I had these beautiful realisations about patterns I had when I was a child so I could notice those behaviours and move past them.
Mala has a beautiful, caring, supportive nature and it really comes across in her sessions. I'm normally quite private but found myself easily opening up to her. She made me feel safe to speak up and express myself. Her ability to ask the right questions to help lead you to the root of your problems is amazing! I highly recommend Mala - she's an angel!
Mala was intuitively in tuned to the things that matter most to me. I felt her warmth, deep respect and care. Her intuitive questioning enabled me to explore my concerns, and the actions that had been limiting me, free from judgement. She gave me time and space to sit with my own insights. She has an ability to gain clarity, show empathy, and help me observe possibilities, rather than limitations. I came to many of my own conclusions that I might not otherwise have done. I felt empowered - during coaching I remember thinking, “Oh, I’ve got more clarity, personal strength a I’m much more capable than I realised, I’ve got this!” I felt safe to explore matters of the heart and soul. Mala has enabled me to look at my relationships from a different perspective, including the most important relationship - the one I have with myself. She is powerfully connected and sitting with her enabled me to draw upon my own resources to change my perceptions and ultimately change what was no longer serving me. Its important for me to declare that Mala and I went through coach training together. We have both traveled a life changing path, and part of our learning to be powerful coaches, was to coach one another numerous times throughout our 18 month program. I’m grateful to have been coached by such a powerfully connected coach during a vulnerable and sensitive time in my life. Coaching is life changing - Mala can and will make sure you’re concerns are taken care of.
I did coaching with Mala back in March. I love your style Mala, the way you got to the root of a MASSIVE limiting belief was so life changing for me. And then the skills to continue working on that has helped me immensely. Your no BS style forced me to take action of what I needed to do. For my business and in life. I am super excited to get you back as a coach next month and highly recommend you to anyone looking at coaching. Amie xx
Mala coaches from a place of trust and respect. Her ability to listen and make meaning of what is being said and then gently guide towards an outcome or deeper understanding is very refreshing. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a breakthrough or seeking change in your life.
Mala is a very caring, beautiful coach to work with, she is very easy to talk to and made me feel safe.
She is so empathetic and supportive and she is definitely really talented at holding space.
I have known Mala Kennedy for several years and am happy to call her a friend. She is supportive, nurturing and warm. She creates an energetic space that makes people feel instantly safe in her presence. She also has incredible insight and wisdom. I highly recommend her as a life coach. She is empathetic, a wonderful listener and truly sees the potential in people and is able to help guide them into seeing it in themselves. She offers a positive perspective and a gentle yet strong approach. Not only that, but she has been able to overcome her own life challenges and is a trained coach. This combination qualifies her to coach and guide others into living a life that feels aligned with their higher self.