You're ready for more flow

You've been so caught up in the grind, you've forgotten what it feels like to do things for you, and you're ready to shift your course back to your definition of freedom.  The one where your time is yours and you still thrive without the weight of your obligations.

You've Got Big Dreams

You’ve get caught up in the hustle cycle and sometimes you forget to breathe and come back to why your work matters to you.

You’ve forgotten who you are and you’re ready to bring you back (leopard prints and all).


That's where I come in.


I’m Mala.
Your Mindset Coach.

I help ambitious women put their oxygen mask on first so they can thrive & lead with passion.

Before I became an accredited coach and EFT (tapping) practitioner. I was where you are.
Buried by obligations. Wondering if I’d ever feel inner peace and trusting in my soul.

I went from clueless about self-care to, self-care expert for a global publication.
I saw client after client getting stuck in their self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed because they weren't living for themselves.

Being your unique self makes you a superwoman and that’s why I went allll innnn on helping women reclaim themselves and master their mindset.

I can help you come back home to yourself.
Get ready to ditch the overwhelm and feel reenergised about life.  The bonus? You're impact will domino even more profoundly.

You could pack up your life and go on adventures, just because, instead of staying home because your friends and family say you should.
You can spend more time having fun so you can choose less of the obligations and more quality time doing things your way. One that still makes money while you sleep, and allows you to pursue all of your favourite things.

You can be the artist of your life.
Design it your way.

Baby Mala was adopted from Sri Lanka. As a child, I always felt caught between two worlds (neither brown nor white) and I felt like I never quite fit in.
I was that bossy kid who saw her name in lights. and then as the years passed by I was always cast as the narrator and never the leading lady. One day during the nativity play I read the same line twice and my friend told me I ruined everything. That’s when I crushed my Priyanka Chopra dreams and started to dim my light.
Enter the dreaded teens where all the boys I loved befriended me to get close to my bestie. 
I kept waiting for the She’s All That makeover that never came (so Freddie Prinze Jnr could woo me). I never felt good enough. I believed the lies that I had nothing to offer. I started partying and choosing ALL the things that made me feel worse.
You deserve clarity on what you want and I can help you define and take action on your vision.
Get ready to ditch the doubt and create a business you love. The bonus? You can create an impact that inspires other people to believe in themselves too.
Build your confidence so you can choose to travel more, and own that you are doing it for you.  Create ways to make money in your sleep by pursuing what you value most.

Almost Famous

Dr M chuckled in his Scottish accent “You’re not going to die, it’s vitiligo”. As the words spilled from his mouth I felt the rest of my chocolate shell turn white. What was happening to me?
My big dream of fitting in by changing the colour of my skin was coming true, and it was my worst nightmare.
Instead of addressing it, I pretended it wasn’t happening, and partied like it was 1954.

Leopard Print is In

Fast forward to 2014 and I found my fairytale romance. After one year together we had a tinder baby in our arms. (and yes we planned it).
We set off on adventures around Australia to live our best life, but it was about to get worse before we found freedom.

The White Picket Fence

This was where my confidence journey really began.

It was during this pregnancy that my vitiligo started to spread. My tiny patch became a leopard print. 
After my son was born I experienced postnatal depression. I realised I had to do something drastic if I wanted to be there for his future.
I had no support and my partner worked 24/7. Determined to heal me I used my coaching skills to create tiny commitments and rituals. I snuck them in when the baby slept.
This was the start of coming back to me.
It wasn’t a quick fix, it was a slow jam but , I grew to love my leopard spots. 


Loving My Leopard Spots

Love the skin you’re in they said, so that’s what I did.

It was after years of daily practices that I finally felt confident enough to start my business. I posted about it and got my first client...and the rest is...well the rest
I can guide you so it doesn’t take you forever to get to your profitable business. I wasted years playing around so you didn't have to.
You get to start now. 
You get to wake up with joy.
You get to live in alignment with what you value most.

We Are Ambitious Women

It’s time to show up for yourself and create a thriving business (and life) that you love.

Sparkling Water
Cacao or Chai
Toooo many, but love Psych, Money Heist, and basically anything crime/mystery
Japan - the culture, the people, the food (give me ramen allll day every day).  I love it all
Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Pisces Rising
Manifesting Generator 6/2
Both!  I love the smell ad feel of real books, but when I'm on the road or reading in bed while my bebe sleeps, the kindle is my BFF

Drink of Choice
Coffee or Tea?
Fave Shows

Best Destination

Human Design
Books or Kindle

What I live by

My deepest desire is to show my kids what is possible for them.  I want them to be dream chasers & go getters who always strive for greatness and think outside of the box

My core values are
- alignment
- freedom
- family
- personal growth
- prosperity

I run on cacao, meditation, books, snuggles & blogilates