A Letter to You

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A Letter to You

Hello Sweet Soul,
I remember being you, that innocent little rose waiting for someone to pick you.
Chosen by popularity so you could fit in.
Striving for success as defined by the media.
The girls in the movies smoking cigarettes and crying on the floor of the shower.
I remember how you used to think that would make you more likeable.
Attention comes with drama, so how can you cry out?
The hero doesn’t rescue the drunk girl at the party.
He’s not even there because he doesn’t exist.
You are your own hero, so take a step back and remember what home is.
Home is your uniqueness.  It’s what makes you, you.
You are the Brown girl, and it is your medicine.
Give yourself permission to be Brown.  
Stop hiding from the sun, stop dreaming of skin whitening creams.
They might change your colour, but you’ll still always be you, and that is your gift.
Don’t listen to the ones who think you’re not enough, don’t shy away from your identity.
Lean into it and make it stronger.
You are successful because you are you.
Be brave enough to reject what they told you, you need.
Have the courage to stay home and journal for hours on end.
Daydream about a world where you don’t have to try to be cool.
It does exist.
This world starts in your heart.
It is you.
Dare to be different.
I see you.
With love,
Your Older Self.


This essay was written thanks to a monthly theme from Illuminate, a writing community from The Kindred Voice.

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  1. Amy Rich says:

    I want my daughter to read this. Amazing words.

    • malakennedy says:

      Oh wow, thank you, I wish I had known what I know now all those years ago, but it’s all learning, thank you, your comment really moved me Amy

  2. Amy Clark says:

    So beautiful, Mala.

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